Ready to go...

Hi everyone!
Some of the 'rockers' have finally met in San Diego. After seeing all of our faces at the School of Rock webpage it was nice to meet people face to face. We had a nice talk during dinner at a pretty restaurant on the Little Italy Area. The sprits are high and everyone is eager to get aboard the JOIDES Resolution. We are ready to go…



Amigo Hélder, isso anda mesmo com ar animado, ó sacana :)! A inveja é feia, mas existe...! De manhã falei com um dos Tiagos que vão tentar enviar ainda os bichos... obrigado!

Are you telling me that you are working hard? We all see you guys dancing all the time...! Keep like that and have fun! Oh yes, and learn a lot too...



Alô Helder, tudo bem contigo? Tudo a correr bem? Olha, como não consigo comunicar contigo de outra maneira, precisava de te perguntar se achas que em 2 dias alguém da tua escola (ou os teus alunos) conseguem enviar alguns exemplares dos "bichos" equivalentes aqueles de cor rosa, mas de cor branca... era fundamental para fazermos uma comparação dos dois espectros... tens o número de algum dos teus estudantes que eu pudesse ligar?


Bon Voyage!

Hello Helder,
Smooth sailing to you and the team! I look forward to following your blog!


Hello from the Pacific Ocean!!!

Hi Missy,
I am glad to know that you are following our adventure aboard The JR. It is being an amazing adventure. There is so much to learn with these people. I am mainly blogging in Portuguese, but you can read all the posts of the rest of the Rockers.
I hope you can visit my school and (who knows) hike the Pico Mountain in the Azores.



Glad to hear from you ! Of course I couldn't reply in any other form besides the use of my professional language.How's going? What about the weather? I'm sure you'll make the most of that period of your antecipated 'holidays'.(I was joking, I know they are anything but holidays, but any way it's got to be extremely exciting,am I wrong? Everytime I'll be in school, at least, I'll try to fill this space hear, okay? See you!