Is it really Saturday already?

Our teacher for this one has been down in the ALVIN Submersible to collect samples! The core is beautiful - has iron, pyrite, sulfer - all kinds of beautiful veins, and patterns. A lot of chemistry today.  Got to see a couple porpoises this morning swimming and jumping port side of the bow - no photos as the waves are still BIG and coming over the side. Tasted sea water yesterday - right in the face! Our teachers on board are excellent and all the scientists and staff are very accommodating to our questions and needs. Lots of exercise on the steps! Tonight we are going to watch a movie - about VOLCANOES IN THE DEEP. Did anyone bring popcorn? Time for lunch - please post a blog to me if you get a chance. Cheers from the Pacific Ocean!


I bet you have chill

I bet you have chill bumps!!! All of your information and pictures that you are going to share with us... I can't wait! Are you learning a ton? Can't wait to see you. -Audrey

Cheers or No Frills

Can't wait for you to get home so you can share all the exciting stories. It sounds amazing! How are you holding up? Getting tossed around by those waves and going down in! Who needs Six Flags? I've always known what an amazing woman you are...I am so impressed! Call when we you get back so you can share this adventure. Have a great time, Tynan

Hello Angie!

Hey, I just got your comment - they have to go through approval before being posted. I replied to your email yesterday. It's an amazing process these folks go through to get these cores! No, we didn't get to go down in the submersible, but one of our instructors has been down 3 times. She studies the hydrothermal vents - she even has a costume she made that she wore for the lecture - a "Black Smoker" costume!! A bunch of geeks out here, I swear! It's awesome!!! See ya soon...thanks for writing.

Hey Cheryl!

I can't wait to see your pictures and hear all of your stories! It sounds so amazing. :)

Hello Ella!

Great to hear from you. Seems like we've been gone forever - it's only day 6. BUT, we are reaching our destination within a few hours - a couple holes off the coast of Victoria that will be "Corked" - filled with cement and sensors to take all kinds of measurements related to heat flow in the ocean waters. The scientist whose project this is has given two talks about his work and it is totally amazing. I will try to adapt it for 5th grade! I have gotten so much information and ideas for lab this next year - inquiry!!! We are brining home smear slides - which are core samples showing the fossils in that core. Amazing! How's summer going? Bet you are having a great time with Hannah! Thanks for writing! Cheryl


When you watch the movie, will you tell me what is was like?

Bryan Stuart

To Bryan,

Hey dude,
Hope you and your mom will have fun with the garage sale!! Out with the old, in with the new!
Will let you know how the movie is - there's all kinds of cool things living down in the bottom of the ocean - would love to go down there sometime. Hey, would you do me a favor an let me know if you get this reply??
Thanks and be good!


We got made his day! He is so excited to be able to get to type on the computer. I have to point to the letters and he pushes them. He keeps asking about you. I can see the wheels turning as he processes the idea of someone being on a ship out at sea. It has really peaked his curiosity. I update him daily. I can't wait to see pictures and the slides...



The unfortunate thing about kids today is that they probably think ALVIN is the cartoon chipmunk. I taught my classes (three in the past four years) about ALVIN and black cool that you are talking about them. I can only imagine that it must be like to be seeing these cores. Being one of the first to ever lay eyes on them...reminds me of Rockhounds!

I checked earlier and saw "fffffffff" on your blog. Thought that the seas must have been a little rough or something. What has bee your most amazing experience and how do you feel about this journey now that you are actually there?

Kristy Stuart


Hello Brian - and "Mom",
We had to postpone the movie until tonight - technical difficulties - even at sea! Our teacher yesterday even dressed up in her "BlackSmoker" Halloween costume - worms and all! Fabulous. She's been down in the submersibles several times. Will report back.
Yeah, the "ffffff" is fixed now - can't explain that one except an "error message"!!
My brain is saturated with new information - very high level, so I'm pondering ways to modify it for 5th grade. Charts and graphs will help a lot! Back to class, kids. Take care and thanks for writing!!

School of Rock 09

hi Cheryl
Thanks for sharing. Just wanted you to know people are reading your blog! Are you seasick? What geologic age range does the core that you looked at span? Where was if from?