Today we were working up in the core lab. We ran a neat little experiment on a core sample to learn what its porosity (% pore space) and permeability (how easily a fluid will flow through the sample) was. It was a great lab that I will be doing with my kids next semester.

One thing on a subject I have been meaning to talk about. While I was getting some "deck time" the other night I made a discovery for myself that mankind made a long time ago. When you are at sea there are only three things that inhabit your universe. The sky, the ocean, and your ship. The sky and the ocean cradle you above and below, while your ship is your haven. The people you are at sea with become your family and all is well with the world. I truly miss my family at home but out here I have another family and I want to thank them for making this a trip of a lifetime. I can see why people get addicted to this.

I forgot my flash drive so I have no pictures but I will post more tomorrow.



I totally agree

It is beautiful to go out at night and look at the stars, and the empty expanse of water that is all we can see in every direction. I sometimes want to get into the water, just to feel even more how overwhelming it is. But since I want to live, instead of dying of hypothermia alone in the wake of the ship, I have easily resisted this urge. Maybe in my next life I can come back as an octopus.