Mission Accomplished!

The purpose for the trip was accomplished today! With amazing tenacity and skill, 2,660 m of pipe was lowered into a "cork" on the seafloor - through which 40 barrels of concrete was sent down to repair a leak! We all watched the action on a tv screen from the camera that had been lowered down. Wow! They're on hole 2 now and it looks like another successful fix. As of this location, 140 or so miles off the coast of WA, we have traveled 1154 Nm; winds are 20-30 kts, gusting to 35 kts, the seas are 18-12' with swells up to 12'. Water temp is 13 degrees C and air temp is 15 degrees C. Yes, we get a daily science report! Leslie Sautter taught us the how-to's of identifying a couple types of foraminiferas (marine fossils) today. It was a really interesting lab - one of my favorites. With these little "grains" magnified about 400 times you could see incredible details. Beautiful. School of Rock has been quite an experience so far - still a few days to go.



You'll be talking about this

You'll be talking about this trip forever! I'm so glad that you got this opportunity. Hope you're keeping a Journal of what all you're seeing and doing, etc. I'd HAVE to to remember it all! The pic of you with your hand on the tiger is priceless!

Winding down...

Thanks for the comment - I just don't know who this is???? You have to sign the comment or we just get anonymous.
I've not really had any TIME to journal but it's all basically in my scrawled notebook/journal of all the lectures/experiments/results, etc that we ar edoing. (PS The Tiger picture was in Thailand a couple years ago - just for the record LOL). We'll be docking in Victoria, BC on Sunday morn.

Question from Bryan

What was leaking?

Bryan Stuart

Good Question!

Hi Bryan, That is a VERY good question! See, a few years back, scientists drilled a deep core of sediment/rock out of the ocean floor there, to try to figure out what minerals are in it, if there's any fossils in it - things like that. Then another type of scientists, a hydrologist, who studies ocean water movement decided to put a "CORK" in the hole that has scientistic instruments attached to it - this was done 5 years ago. Well, the CORK is leaking ocean water from inside the core and it messes up the data. So, they poured 40 barrels of cement through 2,660 meters of pipe (ask you mom to convert that) to bottom of the ocean to seal up the hole! We have video of it from the camera that was lowered down. It is amazing!!! See you all soon.


Nice description! Now I don't have to do it! : )