Assistant Lab Officer

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA. Masters from the University of California, Santa Barbara
BS in Earth Science, BA in Biology, and Minor in Anthropology. MA in Geological Sciences (Marine Geology)
IODP Experience: 
I’ve worked for ODP/IODP for over 8 years, and have sailed on 17 cruises, two ship demobilizations and worked on the recent refit of the vessel in Singapore. I started with ODP as a Yeoperson, then moved to the Underway Geophysics Lab as a Technician. Currently I am an Assistant Lab Officers.
Life Experience: 
I grew up in the beautiful state of Oregon and it was there that I developed my love for geology and the natural world. I worked for National Science Foundation for two years prior to working on board the JOIDES Resolution.
In my spare time I like to play guitar. I play soccer (I played varsity level in college). I enjoy exercising and have run *a* marathon and a triathlon. I have two cats at home that I miss dearly when I'm away. I love to travel and have done many cool things like climb Mount Fuji and scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef.
Favorite Expedition Memory: 
I have acquired a lifetime of great memories from my years on the JOIDES Resolution, however, there are many that stand out for various reasons. ODP Leg 202 in 2002 to the Eastern Equatorial Pacific recovered 7000m of core, the third highest recovery cruise. The cruise stands out in my mind because I had never worked so hard in my life and had so much fun doing it. A great crew of scientists, technicians, and ship crew pulled off the staggering recovery which has lead to countless scientific discoveries and will continue to provide material for years to come.


Happy Thanksgiving from family in Rhode Island

Hi Lisa from Mom, Dad, Christina and John in Little old Rhode Island. Hope you are eating well out there! We'll have a bit of turkey back on the mainland for you!