Getting Ready for the School of Rock

QUICK GLIMPSE: Important Dates and Deadlines

By December 9, 2012

  • Complete the Participant Survey Form
  • Send a photo of yourself to This will be used for the website.

By January 15, 2013

  • Send a copy of your current passport to Janice Muston at Please indicate that you are part of the School of Rock 2013.

By February 15, 2013

  • Send your flight itinerary to Julie Farver and Jennifer Collins

By March 15, 2013

  • Optional: Sign up for live videoconference with your audience onshore during the School of Rock.We will schedule opportunities for School of Rock participants to conduct live video-broadcasts with audiences and/or colleagues back home.  Think about what objectives would best match the goals and the best times for your shore-based audience. After our upcoming Webinar, you will be able to register HERE.

Other things to do before we meet on the ship

  • Participate in the Webinars
  1. JANUARY 21, 2013 7-8PM EST – An introduction to the JOIDES Resolution, IODP program and Deep Earth Academy Resources
  2. MARCH 5, 2013 6-7PM EST –  Getting Prepared for the School of Rock and Live Broadcasts
  • Explore Deep Earth Academy activities and resources. Think about which ones are most relevant to your teaching.  Try one out if you can!
  • Prepare your homework assignment
  1. Bring a copy of your course outline and/or learning objectives that pertain to geology and earth history content
  2. Bring your favorite “Warm-Up” activity to share. This can be on any topic you want.
  3. If you don’t have a copy already, download a copy of A Framework for K-12 Science Education. Read and prepare to discuss the Executive Summary (Pgs 1-4) and the Guiding Assumptions and Organization of the Framework (Chapter 2)
  • Use the Preparation and Packing List to get ready for your travels

Please send any questions or thoughts to Jen (