ship life

The next broadcast is after I wake up today, tonight.

Good morning! Zaoshang Hao! (good morning in Mandarin). I can technically say this for my entire working day except for today when I get up a little early to start tomorrow's work day tonight at 10pm so I can meet with an U.S. school at 11pm.

Video Diary #2

My next Video diary is posted! Take a peek at the ship's deck, galley, and gym. 

The A, B, Seas of Motion Sickness


It’s our second day on the ocean and the boat is really starting to move! When it comes to motion sickness, let’s just say I’m very experienced. Planes, cars, boats, roller coasters, I’ve been sick on them all!

A.Bogus Voyage

The World Cup is truly global.

Time is a relative thing...

It’s been a busy first few weeks, hard to believe that so much time has already passed.

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