Behind the Science - Exp. 367: a Record Breaking Expedition!

We need to wait even some years to fully understand the major scientific findings in Expedition 367 but what we can say right now without any doubt is that on the point of view of the operations Exp 367 has been one of the most challenging and successful ever done. Let's discover why from the words of our Operation Superintendent Steve Midgley.

A Successful Story at Site U1480

We finished our first site with success! We're now at our second site, so here's a little summary of what we did at Site U1480. We met our primary science goal at the site: core the entire sedimentary sequence from seafloor down to the oceanic crust that forms the basement that the sediments rest on. That's almost 1.4 km (0.8 mi)!

U1382A: Successfully CORKed

After more than a week of preparing and coring and logging and assembling, the Hole U1382A CORK has been successfully installed! The whole ship breathed a collective sigh of relief, and we now move on to site U1383. Here’s a look back at the process: 

The JR Daily, 12 Mar 09

PRESENT ACTIVITY: Update as of 0830 hr 12 March 2009 Underway at 11.1 knots. The vessel is pitching and rolling moderately in light seas with rough swell under overcast skies. Visibility is excellent. If we continue our present speed, we will arrive on location during the late evening hours of Saturday night.

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