The JR

Introducing the International Ocean Discovery Program

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This video introduces the new International Ocean Discovery Program, including its goals and platforms.

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The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) is an international, multidisciplinary among scientists, students, engineers, marine technicians and educators. Every year, thousands of people develop drilling proposals, collect data in support of drilling, sail on drilling expeditions, operate the drilling rigs, analyze samples and data, and disseminate results to the scientific community, students and the public.

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The JR seen from Space

As you know it is possible to see the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting the Earth with the naked eye. A few weeks ago, when we were drilling at the Site U1386 (GC-01A), some of the Expedition 339 participants were able to watch the ISS crossing the night sky.

The JR isn't just big. It's a big deal.

The JR is big. The derrick, pictured above, stands 62 meters tall -- the equivalent of about 20 stories. She's 143 meters long.  That's about one and a half football fields. The lab section is seven stories. But The JR isn't just physically big.  The JR is a big deal.

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