It's Humpback Day!

Just after lunch one of the scientists burst into my office. “Whales!” they yelled, before running out to the portside. I grabbed my trusty ‘nocs and followed. 

Happy Monday, or is it Sunday?

The work week is off to a beautifully sunny start here in the Gulf of Alaska. I say “work week” and “start,” but we are on a floating microcosm out here on the JR, working throughout the weekend and into the next week. To make the most of our time at sea all of our scientists, staff, and crew work 12 hour days for nearly 60 days straight.

Sei whales

Many whales are swimming aroud JR, and they must be watching us and our study!

Huge body of whales, including both baleen and tooth ones, are supported by rich zoo plankton, such as krill, which is eating phytoplankton, such as diatoms.

So, diatoms are so important for marine mammals as well as all organisms like fishes to live in the ocean.

Abby on Protected Species Watch

I was so excited when I heard that we were going to watch for marine animals. The Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) tool uses an air gun to send sound waves through the water and the rock. Inside the borehole there is another tool called the VSI that receives the sound waves.

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