school of rock 2010

It takes a Village

Day 8 (Monday 13 Sept)  The Joides runs so well because of the fabulous staff on the Bridge, in Engineering, on the Rig Floor, in the Galley, in IT, and in the Science Labs.  Everyone is patient, supportive, curious, hardworking, and interesting!  The ship is like a small city with generators, water desalination plant, waste management, and other infrastructure.

Honey, I've Shrunk the Cups

So you probably know that as you go deeper into the ocean the pressure increases from the weight of all the water above you.  So we did an experiment.  We took styrofoam coffee cups and decorated them before sending them 1300 m (4265 feet) below sea level.  When we brought them back up they had shrunk!

Cutting Edge Testing Equipment

The JR is equipped with the latest in scientific equipment.

Positioning the Joides Resolution

The ship is kept in position by thrusters on each side of the ship and using a combination of GPS from satellites and an accoustic beacon that is dropped to the sea floor.  In spite of waves and and wind, the center of ship never varied from a 10 meter circle.

Wildlife at Sea

We have fun fortunate to have had good weather and calm seas.  We even have been visited by wildlife such as popoises, dolphins, and whales. 



Deploying re-enty cone

I got to witness the deployment of a re-enty cone.  It finally descended to it depth of almost .8 miles.

Joides Resolution, amazing research ship

The Joides Resolution is an amazing ocean research drilling ship.  It is 470 feet long and 70 feet wide.  The first thing that captured my attention is its drilling derrick which stretches 202 feet above the water line and is capable of drilling through 27,000 feet (over 5 miles) of water.  The purpose of this derrick is to drill and obtain cores from the ocean bottom.

School of Rock: Rockers Recommended Reading (and other media too)

 In tonight's Science Cafe, people started sharing things they've read that they thought others would find of interest.  This post is intended as a continuation of this discussion.  There were several books shared, but an acknowledgement that other kinds of media are worth sharing too.  

School of Rock: The Broad Geologic Setting of the Cascadia Subduction Zone

The interdisciplinary array of things we have learned in such a short time has most of us nearing overload. We have delved into areas of geology, engineering, sedimentology, paleontology, biology, hydrogeology, history of science, physics and chemistry. We’ve learned how to make really good photographs, movies, audio files, and blogs.

School of Rock: Science Questions and Answers

The School of Rock is an experience that allows educators to understand, in some detail, the science process that goes into retrieving and analyzing deep sea cores. The most fortunate "Rockers" get to experience this first-hand on an at -sea expedition on an ocean going drill ship. Our 2010 School of Rock is one of the fortunate ones being held at sea on the JOIDES Resolution.

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