Abby on Protected Species Watch

I was so excited when I heard that we were going to watch for marine animals. The Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) tool uses an air gun to send sound waves through the water and the rock. Inside the borehole there is another tool called the VSI that receives the sound waves.


“Have you seen any animals?” That is the question that I hear in every one of my live broadcasts from the ship. My first animal sighting this expedition came a few days ago when I found a bird in the doorway as I was going out for my morning breath of fresh air.

Watching dolphins before sunrise

Today we were visited by a bunch of short-beaked common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) that have been breaching around the ship since 2AM. Unfortunately it was too dark to take a good picture of them... and they went away just before the sunrise.

Going to the beach and birdwatching after work

As you can tell from the previous blog entries the challenges that we have faced during the weekend are good examples on how sometimes science can be hard, difficult, and challenging.

Whale watching at sunset

Yesterday afternoon, while the Siem crew kept tripping pipe down to the seafloor and the people onboard was getting ready to contemplate the sunset, some had the opportunity to watch a couple of curious whales spraying and swimming near the ship.

We've Been Adopted (by Melba-Melvin)

For days now (maybe closer to a week), come rain or shine, we've had a Swallow-tailed gull hanging around for hours at a time on the two liferafts that are secured along the port-side of the Forecastle, or "Fo'c'sle," Deck.  The bird spends so much time out there, we've begun to think we may have been adopted...

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