Leg 183, Hole 1137A, Core 34R, Section 3, 60-110 cm

Scientists were surprised to recover this core, a river deposit of cobbles and pebbles containing garnet-biotite gneiss (rock from the continental crust, or land) in the middle of the Indian Ocean during Leg 183 in 1998. This conglomerate rock that had formed on land was buried deep in the middle of a thick sequence of volcanic basalt (rock from the oceanic crust) that makes up the Kerguelen Plateau large igneous province. This core showed that a piece of the ancient India/Antarctica/Australia supercontinent broke off and was then covered by massive ocean floor volcanic flows that built the plateau over 100 million years.

Download a photo of the core. (JPG, 550 KB)

See http://www-odp.tamu.edu/publications/leg_ndx/183ndex.htm for more detailed information about Leg 183.