But wait.

Look! On the water!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a drilling ship?

Not just any drilling ship: a floating science lab, the JOIDES Resolution.

Download our first free ebook about the science in the seafloor.

But wait.

Look! On the water!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a drilling ship?

Not just any drilling ship: a floating science lab, the JOIDES Resolution.

Download our first free ebook about the science in the seafloor.

See the JR Uncovering Earth’s Secrets!

Download the PDF here.

Download from iTunes here.

The JOIDES Resolution website has lots of cool stuff that can help you uncover even more secrets about the ship. This page will lead you to games, videos, activities and more that are related to Uncovering Earth’s Secrets!  

Play Online Games
Play a game where you have to match-up falling microfossils, or test your JOIDES Resolution knowledge by answering JR-Pardy trivia questions.

Watch Videos
These kid-friendly videos will help you learn even more about the JOIDES Resolution. You can watch videos about:
* life at sea on the JR
* what scientists do
* the technology of the ship
* the science of the seafloor
* and more.

Study a core about dinosaur extinction!

This pdf will let you study an actual JR core that helped us understand how the dinosaurs went extinct.

 Make a Model of the JR Out of Paper
You can make your own origami-style model of the JOIDES Resolution by downloading and printing the paper-pattern found here.

Explore the deep sea floor and deep sea cores in Google Earth
Google Earth is a free app that allows you to see features of the seafloor all around the world. There is also a Google Earth overlay designed by JR educators that will show you where some deep sea cores were drilled, what they looked like, and what we learned from them.

Ask a JR scientist a question
Actual JR scientists will answer your question about everything from the science of cores, to the technology of drilling, to what it is like to spend life at sea on the JOIDES Resolution.

Find out what the JR is doing right now
This link will tell you where in the world the JOIDES Resolution is and what it is doing during the latest expedition.

For Educators

There are even more resources available to educators to expand on the learning in Uncovering Earth’s Secrets and meet curriculum needs.

Video chat with scientists on the JR

Educators can schedule video discussions between their students and JR scientists who are out at sea.

Classroom lesson plans

These classroom activities use real JOIDES Resolution data to teach science concepts.

JR core teaching kits

Educators can borrow teaching kits for their classroom that include life-size ceramic replicas of deep sea cores, as well as supplemental materials to help students interpret them.

Professional Development opportunities

There are opportunities for educators to be onboard the JR for multiday workshops (http://joidesresolution.org/node/3298) or as educators at sea during expeditions. (http://joidesresolution.org/node/453).

Download curriculum standards reached by Uncovering Earth’s Secrets

How to download:

For iPads: Uncovering Earth’s Secrets was designed
specifically to fit on an iPad screen. To view the book on iPad, make
sure you have iBooks 3 and iOS 5 or more recent upgrades. iBooks is free
to download from the App Store.To download for an iPad, visit the
AppleStore HERE.

For any computer, tablet, smartphone or interactive whiteboard: Uncovering Earth’s Secrets can
be downloaded as a pdf and can be opened on any computer device with a
PDF viewer. To download the pdf, click on the link below (scroll down).

Viewing the eBook on an interactive whiteboard or with a digital projector:
Reading eBooks while projected on a screen or an interactive whiteboard
is a great way to engage an entire classroom in the learning
experience. It is easy to do this using the Uncovering Earth’s Secret’s PDF. To have the best visual experience:

1. Open the PDF on the computer hooked up to the interactive white board or digital projector.

2. Click View in the top bar.

3. Click Full Screen Mode in the drop-down menu.

4. The book will be displayed so only one illustration is visible at a
time. To turn to the next illustration, click the mouse on the computer
or touch the interactive whiteboard.

5. To exit full screen mode, click the Esc button on your computer.

Note: If you have a Mac, you can also project the interactive iPad version from your Mac using iBooks.