These kid-friendly videos will help you learn more about JOIDES Resolution topics introduced in Uncovering Earth’s Secrets.

Life on the JR

What’s it like to be on the JR during an expedition? Meet a variety of the people who travel onboard the JR during an expedition and find out what they do during an eight-week trip to sea.

What is Science Like

Meet marine scientists and find out what it’s like to be a scientist and what they were like as kids.

Coring Sea Floor Cake

Watch a cake get ruined to learn why the JOIDES Resolution drills the sea floor.

Life of a Core

Follow a core on its journey from the JR rig floor through the labs.

Life of a JR Tech

Meet the techs who come out on every expedition to help the scientists describe cores.

Rock Visualization on the JR

Learn about one of the pieces of JR lab equipment that scientists use to learn more about the cores.

Understanding Hot Spots

Learn more about how hot spots and seafloor spreading can cause chains of volcanoes.

Introducing the International Ocean Discovery Program

Learn why the JOIDES Resolution does what it does.

How Science Works

JOIDES Resolution scientists explain what science is all about.

JR in a Minute videos

These short, animated videos will introduce you to the technology of the JR.

JR in a Minute: the Whole Ship!

JR in a Minute: Core Drilling

JR in a Minute: The Derrick

JR in a Minute: The Catwalk

JR in a Minute: The Bridge