Actvity Summary: Students use these questions to guide their reading of the Tales of the Resolution episodes focused on careers, technology, and science process exploration. They are designed to support Common Core State Standards for English & Literacy in Science.

Episode 1: Tales of the Resolution! The reader is introduced to the ship and its history of discovery. This graphic novel takes place just before the JR was about to undergo a major re-fitting after two decades of scientific ocean drilling.

Authored and designed by Carl Brenner from the Borehole Research Group. More graphic novels can be found at

These suggested supplementary reading materials are written by Michael Passow (Dwight Morrow High School and School of Rock participant). Special Acknowledgement Carl Brenner (Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory Borehole Research Group); Sabreena Britt (Effie Yeaw Nature Center); John Meyer (Oregon Connections Academy)

  • Patterns
  • Scale, proportion, quantity
  • Stability and change

  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Constructing explanations and designing solutions

  • ESS1. C The history of the planet Earth
  • ESS2.A Earth materials and systems
  • ESS2.B Plate tectonics and large-scale system interactions
  • ESS2. D Weather and climate
  • ESS2. E Biogeology
  • PS4.A Wave properties