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What is the JOIDES Resolution?

The JOIDES Resolution (JR) is a research vessel that drills into the ocean floor to collect and study core samples. Scientists use data from the JR to better understand climate change, geology and Earth’s history. It is a part of the International Ocean Discovery Program and is funded by the National Science Foundation.

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11 October – 11 December 2022

Temperatures are rising, weather patterns are intensifying, and the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is increasing very rapidly. There’s no denying we are experiencing a time in Earth’s history in which the global climate is changing. As we observe these changes taking place within our own lifetimes, the question becomes: WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?

Sometimes, to know the future we must look to the past. Expedition 397 aims to collect cores of marine sediment off the coast of Portugal that will provide high-resolution data about variations in Earth’s ancient climate. The more we understand about  Earth’s past environments, the greater our ability to assess how our planet is changing today and in the future.

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Time at Sea: 49 days

Date on Ship: Tuesday November 29

Time on Ship: 23:39



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  • Four Portuguese students lean over a table, working together during an in-school outreach visit.
    A case for onshore outreach
  • White board in the core lab that keeps track of cores shows they are coming up from greater than 500 meters below the seafloor.
    Forget faster, let's go deeper!
  • Election results from the Expedition 397 "What's your favorite ocean?" survey
  • The three leaders of Exp. 397 on the ship's deck.
    Let’s do that again – but faster!


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