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What is the JOIDES Resolution?

The JOIDES Resolution (JR) is a research vessel that drills into the ocean floor to collect and study core samples. Scientists use data from the JR to better understand climate change, geology and Earth’s history. It is a part of the International Ocean Discovery Program and is funded by the National Science Foundation.

expedition 393: South atlantic transect 2

June 7 – August 7 2022

Deep below the Atlantic Ocean, running from north to south along its center, lies the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR), part of the underwater volcanic mountain system known as the mid-ocean ridge (MOR). This is a divergent tectonic plate boundary, a spreading center where two tectonic plates move apart and magma rises to form new ocean crust. We will sail across the South Atlantic Ocean, where the South American Plate and African Plate move away from each other as new ocean crust is forged from submarine volcanic eruptions.

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Time at Sea: 65 days

Date on Ship: Thursday August 11

Time on Ship: 12:12



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  • A letter on cultural congruity from Latino geochemists
  • End of Expedition To do's
  • An art gallery in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean
  • Sharing the knowledge and discussing representation


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JOIDES Resolution