• Introducing the International Ocean Discovery Program
  • How Science Works
  • PNN Special Report Life on Board
  • JR in a Minute the Whole Ship!
  • JR In a Minute The Bridge
  • JR In a Minute The Derrick
  • JR In a Minute The Catwalk
  • What is a CORK?
  • PNN Special Report Core: on the Floor
  • Rock Visualization on the JOIDES Resolution
  • Outreach Officer on the JOIDES Resolution
  • IODP Expedition 342 The Documentary!

Games and Interactives

  • Bubba's Tour
  • Fossil Fun: Microfossil Matching
  • JR Pardy
  • Research Vessel Tour

Ebooks and Graphic Novels

  • Tales of the Resolution Episode 1 thumbnail
    Episode 1: Tales of the Resolution!
  • Episode 2: Re-Fit Madness
  • Episode 3: Resolution Reloaded
  • Episode 4: Arctic Rainforest
  • Episode 6: In Search of Ancient Lava Flows
  • Episode 5: Choose Your Own Tales of the Resolution - Jobs on the JR
  • Where Wild Microbes Grow: a free children's book
  • Uncovering Earth's Secrets book thumbnail
    Uncovering Earth's Secrets: a free children's book
  • Antarctic Log Comic - Expedition 379: Amundsen Sea
  • Iceberg of Antarctica Book
  • Into the Crater of Doom: A Free Children's Book
  • How to Read a Rock, Vol. 1: A Free Graphic Novel
JOIDES Resolution