Tales of the Resolution Reading Activities

Tales of the Resolution Reading Activities

Episode 1: Tales of the Resolution! The reader is introduced to the ship and its history of discovery. This graphic novel takes place just before the JR was about to undergo a major re-fitting after two decades of scientific ocean drilling. Authored and designed by Carl Brenner from the Borehole Research Group. More graphic novels can be found at http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/BRG/outreach/media/tales/index.html

Tahitian Sea Level Change Core (Expedition 310)

Expedition 310 collected evidence of changes in sea level during the last deglaciation, including a record of temperature and salinity changes in the southern Pacific. The two 60cm replicas of 310-20A-22R-2 display coral sandstone and massive coral (Porites) in growth position with interbedded microbiolites (organosedimentary deposits).

PETM Core Model (IODP 208)

This Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) core from the Walvis Ridge in the South Atlantic shows the distinct boundary between two time periods when a warming climate initiated a rapid release of carbon resulting in extreme ocean acidification.

How to use the core model with students:

Palmer Deep Core Model (ODP 178)

This model is a replica of a core retrieved in the Antarctic Peninsula on ODP Expedition 178. It shows seasonal layers (laminae) composed of different diatoms species that were deposited during the late Holocene and provides evidence for the changing climate and glacial retreat that took place in the region after the last ice age. This core section also contains a drop stone.