World Half Marathon aboard the JR!

Cardiff University press release

For immediate release: Wednesday 23 March 2016

Backlog assistance

With only 8 hours of transit time between our final site and the Cape Town port, it's going to be a challenge to get all the core from the final site processed and packed up before we have to depart the ship.  That means it has been a top priority on this 5 day transit to clear out the backlog from the last two sites, where the water was shallow, core came up every 20 minutes, and there wa

Galley and Stewards

Last, and perhaps most importantly, true happiness lies in a satisfied stomach.  Many people overlook the importance of the galley and steward staff on a ship, but let me tell you, they are key!

Bridge and DP

Reddit "Ask Me Anything"

The scientists aboard the JR responded to our event last night in the same manner they've been tackling their research - as a collaborative body.  From 11pm to 1am local ship time, everyone had the chance to read over and put forth their opinions on the appropriate responses to the questions asked in the forum.  Given the limited bandwidth available on the ship, only a couple of compu


Engineers, Electricians, & Mechanics


The challenges of blogging at sea!

When I lived in Israel at the age of 15, it was before the internet, before cell phones, and in fact there were only two public phone booths available for use by the entire kibbutz of 800 people.  Written all over the walls of both booths, in nearly every language imaginable, was the word "patience".  I feel like scrawling that word all over my office walls right now!

Rig floor

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