Dinosaurs on a toothpick!

There is a small potted tree upstairs on the bridge deck and an orchid plant that I sit next to just to see something green. We are a little less than a week in to this expedition and this has become my favorite place on the ship.

Reading at hyper speed - if you are a geologist!

The scientists have gotten into the groove. Everyone knows their station and work flow is kicking in as jet lag dissipates and everyone gets used to the rolling seas and 12 hour shifts. 

The JOIDES Resolution reaches the Sea Floor!

The JOIDES Resolution reaches the Sea Floor! How does it do that? We have 2 guest bloggers, our Expedition Project Manager Carlos and our Operations Superintendent Kevin Grigar from IODP JRSO, who have worked together to describe the ships operations when setting up for deep sea exploration!

Everything is peachy - Mon, Apr 17

If you show up to this blog and the posts are not in sequence, or text and photos are plain old mixed up. And if you clicked on the "where's the JR" link and it showed you the wrong location, don't worry.

First cores, woosah! - Sun, Apr 16

We got our first cores today and we all went a little crazy with excitement. Cores are material from beneath the seafloor; they can be sediment or rock. Cores arrive on board in 7 cm diameter clear plastic tubes (liner) that are about 1.5 m long.

The crazy little thing called time - April 15 - Saturday

I am on the midnight to noon shift. After we departed Hong Kong at 9AM, we had meeting and a Fire Drill until about 2:30ish PM on Friday. I slept for a few hours then worked from Friday midnight to Saturday noon. During our shift, we arrived at our first drill site (0.9 milled away from where we had docked in Hong Kong).

Set Adrift - Apr 14 – Friday

Leaving port, was a “fat guy in a little coat” experience. The ship’s crew and engineers are magicians.

Time out on Lamma Island - Apr 13 – Thursday

Today was our last day docked in Hong Kong - last day to see trees, other faces besides our own, last chance to hang out, final few hours of working wifi with ready access to domains outside the ship.

Sediment tasting and licking rocks

Hey onshore Folks! - Apr 12 – Wednesday

Welcome to my blog on life at sea onboard the research ship, the JOIDES Resolution (JR). After a cozy 16.5 hour long flight from Dallas, I arrived in Hong Kong, which is a further 13 hours ahead of the place I call home, Baton Rouge, LA.

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