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JR Zombie

Ship Tour! Lost in the JOIDESResolution...

From the top to the bottom !!! a real labyrinth ! 

Then this afternoon great presentations on :

"Miocene climates and oceans": a complexe story with a lot of questions on 

-major uplift of the modern  mountains

-origin of modern ocean currents

-aridification of the continents and so on ….

Shipboard Labyrinth: By Anna Ling

Introduction by Juliet Crowell

Exp 359 9th Oct.

Fantastic pictures of Coccolithophores submitted by Jeremy Young  during his presentation this morning.

And he is not excelling just in paleontologic pictures !! Yesterday he caught magnificently flying fish .

 Coccolithophores are  unicellular organisms and they make an important part of the phytoplankton, base of the marine food webs.

always in transit to the Maldives

8th Oct.

 La houle a augmenté la nuit
dernière , on a réellement été bercé toute la nuit.

In transit to site UI465 (MAL-01A) jour 7.

Les formations et présentations se poursuivent à bord . Chacun prend la mesure de ce qui l'attend quand on sera sur le 1er site et que les carottages remonteront les uns après les autres : fast and furious !

In transit to site UI465 (MAL-01A)

The day 6 began with  a training for the sedimentologists and
micropaleontologists on DESClogik a core description application and on the
scanning electron microscope. The physical properties specialists, logging
scientists and stratigraphic correlator had training on the laboratory

JR Ambassador

the departure: "Larguez les amarres!!"

ça y est ! le Joides a pris la mer à midi.

Tout le monde sur le pont pour voir Darwin s'éloigner. Grand moment !!

Vers 1h  retour vers les labos ou la salle de conférence.

Avant de reprendre nos activités , safety drill !! Exercice de sécurité: connaître  son canot de sauvetage, avoir son gilet de sauvetage, savoir comment se comporter …

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