So, what exactly is a diatom paleontologist...?

We reached the sea floor!

Mosquitoes the size of what?!


Sampling Sampler

After the core comes on deck at the catwalk and whole-round samples are taken for fossils and chemistry, it comes indoors for the rest of its life. Then measurements and sampling really get underway.

Underwater beach?!

50 Years Ago Today in Geology...

Fifty years ago the world looked very different to geologists. Not only was most television still in black and white, but the Grand Unifying Theory of Plate Tectonics had not yet been unified.

Core on Deck!

We got our first core on deck this morning at 2am ship time!  It was a slurry of dark grey, muddy and sandy sediment that glistened under the catwalk lights.  Everyone on shift came to crowd around--at a safe distance, wearing hard hats and safety glasses, of course--and see the first glimpse of what we're after.  The second core is already on its way through tests for properties

Tick tock

SUMA 11 C, here we are!

After 3 days of transit, we arrived on our first site of coring last night!

Core Description Consensus

Coordinating scientific observations among 33 scientists and 24 lab technicians over 2 shifts is no easy task. But it’s very important.

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