Tale as Old as Time--Secrets of the Mud Volcanoes

Hidden within the countless layers of rock, sediment, and fossilized creatures beneath the Earth’s surface are fascinating stories of the history of our planet—stories of how you and I came to exist. 

New Sites, New Rocks, New Challenges

It's been a busy number of days here on the JR since my last post!


Asut Tesoru (Big Blue) - Wir machen es! (dt.)

Asut Tesoru (Big Blue)-We're making it!

Drill-Hole Forever?/ Bohrloch Für Immer?

At the beginning of 2017 the JOIDES Resolution is still working on Yinazao (Blue Moon-) seamount. Our visitors may ask: "What are they still doing there?" Well, there is an easy answer containing some details. We're preparing the drill hole N° 1492D (3666 mbsl.) near the top of the seamount for further investigation (see flag in model).

Year Goes By, Drilling Goes On (bilingual)

The Lull Before Asut-Tesoru...

It's been a rather quiet couple days here on the JR, as the drillers have been diligently drilling what will ultimately become a 200 m cased drill hole with an ROV landing pad on top, for future instrumentation and use as a venue for real-time measurements of the unusual upwelling fluids we encountered at Yinazao Seamount.

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