Good bye SW Indian Ridge, hello South African Climate!

Expedition 360 is coming to a close. We arrive in port very early tomorrow morning. It has been a great adventure for the educators on board. 
We have learned a lot of geology, we've grown as educators, and we've made friends that are more like family now. 


Natsue, you are a geoscientist, specialized in physical properties and you sail a lot on board the JR and the Chikyu ...


Can you explain your curriculum in science ?

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Looking Back on Expedition 360


As we steam towards Mauritius, Expedition 360 draws to a close. It has been an incredible two months of many ups and downs...


Hi Heather !

You are a young woman sailing on the JR as an assistant Lab Officer ...


Can you explain your curriculum in science ?

New Podcast Episode: The Limits of Life


Ginny and Jason search for life... hundreds of meters below the seafloor.

The Mystery of the Shrinking (Styrofoam) Head

You first read about the Styrofoam head in this blog post. 


The JOIDES... a wonderful way to do "Content and Language Integrated Learning" CLIL

You can find many good definitions and explanations about CLIL !

For example on the British council website

Happy Birthday Andrija Mohorovicic!


One of the main objectives of Expedition 360 is to start the hole that will hopefully lead us to the Moho. That's sort of a funny sounding name isn't it? And what is the Moho, anyway?


Art in the rock ... What do you see in these thin sections ? EPISODE 4 and HOME MADE THIN SECTIONS

Now you know all about thin sections, reading previous posts !

I propose you to do your own thin sections from sands. With epoxy on a glass slide and some sand above, you have to polish till you obtain a good picture with polarizing microscope.

We are now collecting gabbro sand for education. We had to sieve it with sieves from #35 to #45.

A Brief Word from the Atlantic

It's an exciting time for earth science, not only in the Indian Ocean but in the Atlantic as well. At the same time as we are drilling deep into Atlantis Bank, the British research ship RSS James Cook is studying another mid-ocean ridge: the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  

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