(Platten-) Grenzen erfahren: Walter Kurz

Some Coercive Forces: Simone Mantovanelli

It is difficult, to find a date to speak with Simone Mantovanelli. Since she is the only Palaeomagnetist on board of the JOIDES Resolution working with the new SRM, she is facing almost the work for two. She has already requested a great number of samples, the mud in little plastic-boxes and the rocks cut into tiny cubes.

Wir kommen wieder! - We'll be back! (bilingual)

New Video: Science Spotlight on Geological "Forensics"

Check out our latest video<--Kevin Johnson, Geologist extraordinaire from the University of Hawaii, describes how he digs deep (literally!) to find evidence of tectonic plate movement and its impacts on mantle rocks that travel from deep within the Earth up to the surface and back again. It's CSI, geology edition!

Rui Zhang: Searching for the small-smaller-smallest

On board of the JOIDES Resolution different scientists follow different research goals. Geology (especially Ignious Petrology, Geochemistry, Geophysics and Palaeomagnetism) and Microbiology are the main scientific disciplines represented in our science-party.

Storm?-Survivors remember 1995!

Tale as Old as Time--Secrets of the Mud Volcanoes

Hidden within the countless layers of rock, sediment, and fossilized creatures beneath the Earth’s surface are fascinating stories of the history of our planet—stories of how you and I came to exist. 

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