"The Perfect Storm": Leg 163 on the JOIDES Resolution


"The Perfect Storm": Leg 163 on the JOIDES Resolution

The Fossil's Tale!

The word fossil comes from the Latin word ‘fossilis’ meaning ‘dug up’. People who go fossil hunting are looking for something that they can literally dig out of the ground and take home!

Invisible Rock!

Well, perhaps not quite invisible, but if you take a very, very thin piece of rock it is possible to see right through it! Now when I say thin, I really do mean thin! But who needs to see through rocks anyway? It isn’t just for fun!

Party, Party, Party

There is a proverb that says ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ meaning that someone who just works, works, works will become both boring and bored. They have nothing to talk about unless they are with someone else who is also just interested in work!

From Everest to the Sea: Sending love from one science expedition to another.

From Everest to the Sea: Sending love from one science expedition to another.

This post will be a little off topic in light of a recent catastrophe on Mount Everest that has been considered “biggest single disaster in the mountain's history.”
Photo Credit: Ulyana Nadia Horodyskyj

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

When I was offered a place on the JOIDES Resolution I thought I would be coming away from home for a bit of ‘peace and quiet’. Lovely! No traffic noise; no sound of tills ’pinging’ as every item goes through; no students shouting at each along the corridors or playing loud music in the car park! Heaven! I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Bad News Blog.

Just a quick note to keep everyone updated on activities onboard the JR. The last several cores have come up less than perfect, showing signs of problems with the bit or the material we're drilling into. Some of the last core contained lots of drilling mud, which looked like chocolate milk, not a good sign.

Two Up!

Two Up! ‘Meet on the helideck at 11.15 and bring some coins with you!’ was the somewhat unexpected email from Bob ‘the undertaker’ Aussie. ‘I’ll show you some traditional Australian entertainment and all we need are two coins and a stick!’

Blogging about Logging!

Blogging about Logging!

Seasickness in Reverse!

In the main entry hall to the JOIDES Resolution there is a large screen showing the weather patterns in the seas south of Japan. The winds are shown as dynamic white streaks constantly sweeping across the map. You can see where all the storms are building up: where the winds are contracting in and swirling around a deepening point as they move either towards or away from us.

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