School of Rock Field Trip day

May 31 2016: Today was an exciting day for the School of Rock participant because it involved the two words that every student lives for during a school year: FIELD TRIP. Yes, we were stepping out of the classroom and into the field for a day of hiking and exploring the geology of Cape Town.

What can we learn from ocean sediment cores?

After an average of 36 hours traveling and a few more hours of acclimating, we are in the throes of the School of Rock! So who are “we” and what are we doing?

Welcome to School of Rock 2016!

Welcome to School of Rock 2016! We blew in from several corners of the world after layovers (and rapid tours of London), delays and even a missing suitcase, ready for the week ahead on the DV Joides Resolution. 

Cape Town Tie Up 3

The Liftboat Myrtle vs The JOIDES Resolution

The JOIDES Resolution and the Liftboat Myrtle are both being used as platforms for ocean scientific drilling, but, beyond that, they don't have a lot in common.

The Chicxulub Impact Crater Expedition's 5-Year Plan

Cape Town Tie Up 2

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