The Underreamer

We are now at Hole D (the fourth hole at our site) and preparing to set casing so that we can drill very deep and sample some of the igneous basement here in the Laxmi Basin.

From the Editor's Desk

The coring operations go
into a little recess and the wireline logging takes over. Priority remains
to wind up the hole summary before occupying the next one.

Downhole logging

Now that we have drilled down to the depths that we need before setting casing and drilling a very deep hole all the way to the basement we have decided to stop and measure downhole geophysical logs. This is a method in which sensors are deployed down the borehole to record different aspects of the physical properties of rocks.

Slowly but surely

We have now cored down to the level of about 460 m below the seafloor and are preparing to run geophysical logs into the hole so that we can assess the upper portion of the sediments before we make our final push to drill very deeply right until the igneous basement here in Laxmi Basin.

First ship to shore event of IODP 355

As we are progressing deep into the scientific quest of the IODP expedition 355, today we had our first outreach activity – Ship-to Shore Event.

Misty morning

I have to say that having grown up in a coldish climate that working in the tropics is usually a great pleasure for me. I like the feeling of the nice warm, damp air going outside especially as much of the ship itself is rather heavily air-conditioned so that I have to keep a sweater in the office.

Mahi Mahi ?

While we continue our scientific operations at site U1456C and drilling in full swing is underway, whatever little breather we get is always refreshing and enjoyable. 

Helping hands

Today we are continuing to deepen our drilling at Hole U1456C but in the meantime we should not forget some of the other people on the drilling ship who make our life easier and indeed pleasant.

All change

Sizzling in the sun

It’s the end of our first week at sea and because it is Sunday we are having a deck barbecue which in my experience is one of the high points of the week here. It’s also a nice way of keeping track of the time since otherwise all other days out here are basically the same.

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