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A few days ago we broke the scientific ocean drilling record for the deepest APC core ever obtained (687.4 meters below the seafloor!). But what is APC? And how does it differ from other coring systems?

A Day in the Life of a JR Sedimentologist

I’ve never seriously studied sediments before. I’m used to working with “hard rock” – specifically basalt, which is rock that once flowed out of a volcano as molten lava. Sediments on the other hand can be made up of pieces of many different types of rock, or even other materials like shells or parts of tiny organisms. So I was excited to try my hand as a sedimentologist for the day.

Splitting Core...and Peering Back in Time


Once core has come into the labs, adjusted to room temperature and pressure (this can take a few hours), and passed through a series of tracks that measure the physical properties of the whole core, it's time for the cores to be split in half.  The Bengal Fan scientists are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the core and see what's inside. 

Life After the First Core Came Up

Yes! Life suddenly became different.

First Core on Deck!

The JOIDES Resolution arrived on site on February 7th at approximately 6AM. The dynamic positioning thrusters were lowered and preparations began to drill our first site in the Bay of Bengal. It can take the drillers well over 10 hours before the first core gets brought up on deck. As the drillers assemble the coring rig, the scientists finish their last minute preparations.

Planning for Core

Today at 6 AM we reached the first site that we are going to core in the Bay of Bengal. Even though we don’t have any mud yet, we are busy preparing for the big day.

Shifting to Shifts


As we approach our first drill site, the scientists and technicians onboard the JOIDES Resolution have started moving to their assigned shifts.  As so much effort has been invested in these expeditions, and as we have a limited amount of time at sea, the ship operates around the clock and everyone works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Off We Go: First Days at Sea


I never thought I would get the chance to sail on the JOIDES Resolution. Ever since I started using IODP samples and data in my research on ocean island volcanoes, I have been fascinated with scientific ocean drilling.

One Foot On Land

For me, planning and production started two months ago. For others, the plan has been in the works for 18 years! The time is now. We’ve converged on Singapore, our port of call. And this morning, we launch. We’re about to embark on a two-month research expedition aboard the JOIDES Resolution (JR for short) in the Bay of Bengal.

JOIDES Resolution: port call days in Singapore

My third day on the JOIDES Resolution (JR), the ship which will be my home for the next two months. We are still in port and awaiting to receive necessary clearance to leave the port.

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