Our School of Rock program is a professional development opportunity for formal and informal educators on board or involving the JOIDES Resolution. While living on board the ship (when possible) or in a land/lab-based workshop, teachers will work with scientists and technicians to learn about many aspects of earth science, geology, paleo-oceanography and more done aboard this amazing ship, what we learn from scientific drilling, and how to do the kinds of scientific analyses and lab exercises program-scientists do. This new-found knowledge will help teachers in creating or modifying existing resources for their students in many areas of the science curriculum.

School of Rock workshops occur once a year, usually during a transit or tie-up period for the vessel.


Announcing: Te Kura Kōhatu – School of Rock 2018!

Dates: July 5 – 13 2018

Where: Auckland, NZ. This is a land-based program. Participants will live in hotel accommodation in Auckland. The program will begin with the port call of the JOIDES Resolution, during which participants will tour and work on board the vessel. During the days that follow, participants will take part in related lab and field trip activities.

What: This year’s School of Rock is being jointly organized by the United States Science Support Program (USSSP) and the Australia and New Zealand International Ocean Discovery Program Consortium (ANZIC). It will focus on Pacific Rim geology and the science research of the JOIDES Resolution. Field trips will explore the fascinating geological history of the Auckland region, including arc and intraplate volcanism (Rangitoto Volcano above), and deep sea sedimentary processes. In our continuing goal to broaden participation in the geosciences, we are especially interested in applicants from diverse backgrounds and/or who serve diverse communities. Applicants are required to provide strong and realistic ideas regarding how they will disseminate the information and resources they gain as a result of School of Rock and enhance the capacity of their schools and communities to provide this cutting edge science to a diversity of learners.

For whom? Early career and pre-service science teachers interested in learning about the geology of New Zealand and the Pacific Rim. Travel expenses for accepted U.S. applicants will be paid by USSSP. New Zealand and Australian participants will be funded by ANZIC. Applicants from other countries are welcome to apply – travel funds must be secured by the relevant IODP member country or independently.

How do I apply: Please visit our application portal here and apply by May 7. In addition to a dissemination plan, a series of short essay questions, a CV or resume, and one letter of recommendation is required to apply.

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For more information, watch our School of Rock video and our video about educators on the ship! You can also read our assessment report on School of Rock here.


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