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School of Rock: Getting Your Ideas Down a Drill Hole

I had always “known” that oceanography was interdisciplinary but the true expression of this interdisciplinarity may be found in what happens on a drill ship.  There are two major aspects of a drill ship that captures one’s attention.  The first is an engineering process that involves actual drilling and instrument emplacem

Staying Connected At Sea - One Bit At A Time! (School of Rock 2010)

I recently started exploring the world of Twitter and quickly discovered how rapidly information can be shared via short tweets from the JOIDES.  This is especially pertinent given the connectivity provided on the ship, which addresses one of the questions Ron Schott< asked via the geotwittersphere.  This connectivity is provid

What to do with water pressed from a core

Over the past few days we have explored first-hand how different fields of science can be used to help us to better understand what exists beneath our oceans. To help scientists understand what materials are in cores drilled from the bottom of our oceans, a number of experiments from sedimentologists, chemists, paleo climatologists can be conducted.

What's at the Bottom of the Ocean?

Sediment!  What's it made of?

She Blinded Me With Science

The last few days have been intense from a science standpoint. There is so much going on all at the same time that it's mind-boggling. We started both yesterday and today working in the core labs studying archived core samples to learn about the composition of sediments from the ocean floor. They have samples from all over the world.

Chem Lab 101

Today we took a rotation in the chemistry lab.  We learned about squeezing sediment cores for solution and then to put that solution through many tests such as pH, alkalinity (yes I used to think this was the same thing too :), Calcium concentration, and freeze drying.

Yummy Sunday

 Day 7 (Sunday 12 Sept)

What Is Science?

Get a group of science educators and scientists together, ask them the question "What is science?" and see what happens. Will everyone agree exactly on each term? Maybe not, but you'll see a shared passion for the subject.

The Little Tug Boat That Could

The other day, I experienced for the first time what occurs when a large vessel like the JOIDES Resolution (JR) embarks on its journey.  In order to safely move away from the dock, tugboats, small in comparison to the JR, shield the edges of the JR.  The bumpers on the tugboats prevent the JR from scratching or hitting itself along the dock.

The Core Revisited

 Day 5 (Fri 10 Sept)

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