Meet the Crew

Meet the science party and crew of the JOIDES Resolution! Work aboard the ship never ceases; operations continue 24 hours a day. The JR’s complement can consist of up to 50 scientists and technicians and 65 crew members.

The makeup of the science party changes with every expedition depending on its objectives. The crew consists of marine professionals and ocean drilling specialists, among others, and rotates about every other expedition. Meet some of these amazing folks below.

Interested in a career that advances knowledge about the planet we share?

Would you like to work on an ocean-going ship someday? Thousands of people have contributed to the JR’s research by working on the ship. Each of these people had a different background and different career goals; over the course of the ship’s history, the JR had a role for each of them.

The careers represented by people who sail on the JOIDES Resolution and work on the science before and after expeditions is expansive.  Deep Earth Academy offers a number of resources for introducing students to the different types of experts involved in the science- from drillers and engineers to cooks and captains, and the scientists themselves.

Break stereotypes and expand students’ perception about who is involved with science with these activities and resources.
• Only about 30 of the 130 people who sail on the JOIDES Resolution are scientists. Have students step out of their seats and think about what role they would want to play on the ship using the Careers at Sea Conducting Science on the JOIDES Resolution activity.
• You can also use NOAA’s Ocean Explorer Careers webpage for a broader perspective.

Use our exciting and informative videos to explore different careers.
• Learn the different ways people are inspired to become scientists, and what it is like to be an IODP scientist.
• Learn more about particular careers, such as imaging specialist, captain, curator, lab officer, micropaleontologist, and toolpusher.

Curious about who is sailing now and what they are doing?
•  Explore the Expedition pages to find out who has sailed in the past and who will be sailing in the future.

Here are some resources to help you imagine what an earth science career or marine career might look like for you.

We want these resources to help you imagine what an earth science career or marine career might look like for you. So we’ve provided information on our crew members’ educational background, their personal interests, and the life experiences that brought them to a career in scientific ocean drilling.

To search for more resources related to this topic, go to our Educator Resources page.

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