Sharon Cooper: Education and Outreach Officer / +1-202-232-3900

Sharon Katz Cooper oversees Education and Outreach programs for the U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP) office of the International Ocean Discovery Program. She first learned about IODP when working for the Smithsonian on developing the Sant Ocean Hall, during which she sailed on the very first School of Rock in 2005 and became permanently hooked. Now a full-fledged accidental geologist, she creates and implements programs around the world to encourage students, teachers and the general public to fall in love with STEM and get their minds blown by the amazing science IODP and related programs do every day. She is also a PI on a number of NSF-funded STEM educational programs focused on diversity and broadening participation: the STEM Student Experiences Aboard Ships (STEMSEAS) program, Ambassadors for STEM Training to Enhance Participation (A-STEP), and the brand new Alliance-Building Offshore to Achieve Resilience and Diversity (All-ABOARD) program! In other parts of her life, she is a children’s book author, wife, mom, cook and laundry-folder. She is married and has three boys who refer to the JR as “mommy’s ship.” Contact Sharon at



Carol Cotterill: Assistant Director, Education and Outreach / +1-845-365-8190

Carol is smiling with her dark blond hair blowing behind her in the wind. She is wearing a blue and black wind breaker. In the background, the sea and steep land are visible.

Carol Cotterill is the Assistant Director, Education and Outreach for the U.S. Science Support Program, part of the International Ocean Discovery Program. She started her IODP career as an Expedition Project Manager for ECORD, working on five mission-specific platforms in various places around the world. And slowly the realization dawned that communicating the science was as much fun as project managing the science – if not more so!! And so she changed careers and is now lucky enough to work with Sharon and Maya, inspiring and enthralling people around the world in the adventures of the time travelling scientists onboard the JOIDES Resolution. She is also slave to two cats. Contact Carol at



Maya Pincus: Science Communications Officer / +1-845-579-2538

Maya is standing on the green JOIDES Resolution helideck with the setting sun behind her. Her brown curly hair is blown back by the wind. She is smiling. She is wearing an olive green jacket over a purple and red fleece.

Maya Pincus manages digital communications for the USSSP office of the International Ocean Discovery Program. With a background in high school Earth science education, she first learned about the JOIDES Resolution through the Onboard Outreach Program. After a year of delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic (during which she participated in a virtual School of Rock), she sailed on Expeditions 391 and 397T, and served as Onshore Outreach Officer in Portugal for Expedition 397. Now, she endeavors to share the excitement of scientific ocean drilling with as broad a global audience as possible. Stay up-to-date and never miss another #Caturday through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. When Maya is not at work, she enjoys bouldering, baking, and long walks around Brooklyn.



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