How to Read a Rock Vol. 2 follows up on How to Read a Rock Vol. 1, the nonfiction graphic novel about how the scientists of the International Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) use clues in cores that help them learn what happened in Earth’s past and how our planet works. Vol. 2 is another graphic novel / digital comic about IODP science, but this one focuses on how cores help us learn more about the causes of earthquakes, tsunami, and volcanoes. It’s disasterific!

How to download How to Read a Rock, Vol. 2:
The graphic novel is available as a PDF that can be read on any device with a screen, from a tablet to a classroom’s interactive whiteboard. To download and read the PDF on a digital device, click on the top blue button above. To download a higher resolution PDF that is suitable for printing, click the lower blue button.

How to Read a Rock was created by the award-winning children’s author Kevin Kurtz and illustrator Star Ren.