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Actvity Summary: Learn about the fascinating lives of the Magneto-tastic microbe with this poster!

These microbes are responsive to magnetic fields, and will align with them just like the needle of a compass! This is made possible by lots of little magnetic crystals (magnetite or greigite) that are produced by the bacteria and held in a chain of special structures called magnetosomes. This helps them get their bearings in the oxygen-starved sediments they call home.


For more information about this microbe, visit: https://joidesresolution.org//magneto-tastic-microbe-monday/

This resource was developed during Expedition 376 Brothers Arc Flux. Read the other blogs and find out about other interesting microbes here: https://joidesresolution.org//expedition/376/

  • Standard D: Life science

  • Scale, proportion, quantity
  • Structure and function