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Actvity Summary: This poster highlights fun facts about this hydrothermal-chimney-lovin' microbe!

In the deep subsurface, oxygen is limited (or even completely absent), and is often toxic to many microbes living there. What do microbes “breathe” then? Microbes can use a multitude of chemicals (from iron to methane, hydrogen or sulfur) to get their energy through the transfer of electrons, a process call reduction-oxidation, or redox. Caldithrix abyssi can reduce nitrate into ammonium in a similar way we reduce oxygen to make carbon dioxide.

Read more about this microbe here: https://joidesresolution.org//microbe-monday-hot-threads-of-the-deep/

This resource was developed during Expedition 376. Read more about it here: https://joidesresolution.org//expedition/376/


  • Standard D: Life science

  • Scale, proportion, quantity
  • Structure and function