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Actvity Summary: This eBook, which introduces kids to the science and adventure of the JOIDES Resolution, is free to download for everyone!

How to download the ebook:

For iPads and Macs: Uncovering Earth’s Secrets was designed specifically to fit on an iPad screen. It can be viewed through iBooks and is free to download  by visiting the AppleStore HERE.

For any computer, tablet, smartphone or interactive whiteboard: Uncovering Earth’s Secrets is available as a PDF that can be opened on any computer device with a PDF viewer. To download the PDF, click on the blue button above.

There is also a companion children’s book available titled Where Wild Microbes Grow. Download it for free here.

Uncovering Earth’s Secrets was created by Kevin Kurtz, an award-winning children’s author, and Alice Feagan, an award-winning illustrator, through the support of an NSF grant.

Teachers can present the eBook in a classroom on an interactive whiteboard or with a digital projector.
Reading eBooks while projected on a screen or an interactive whiteboard is a great way to engage an entire classroom in the learning experience. It is easy to do this using the Uncovering Earth’s Secrets PDF version. To have the best visual experience:

1. Open the PDF on the computer hooked up to the interactive white board or digital projector.

2. Click View in the top bar.

3. Click Full Screen Mode in the drop-down menu.

4. The book will be displayed so only one illustration is visible at a time. To turn to the next illustration, click the mouse on the computer or touch the interactive whiteboard.

5. To exit full screen mode, click the Esc button on your computer.

Note: If you have a Mac, you can also project the interactive iPad version from your Mac using iBooks.

These kid-friendly videos will help you learn more about JOIDES Resolution topics introduced in Uncovering Earth’s Secrets


  • Standard E: Earth and space science
  • Standard F: Science and technology

  • Planning and carrying out investigations

  • ESS1. C The history of the planet Earth
  • ESS2.B Plate tectonics and large-scale system interactions
  • ESS3.B Natural Hazards
  • LS4.A Evidence of common ancestry and diversity