Download the Stories from the Cores Video Games
"Stories from the Cores" contains three video games that let players act like scientists. Players study cores drilled from the ocean to uncover their secrets. Watch this trailer to see what the games are like. Scroll down for instructions to download the games. PC and Mac versions available.

Stories from the Cores video game trailer

The Stories from the Cores games allow players to investigate a fascinating question from the deep past and explore the evidence about what happened. Players can find the answers to three mysteries.

  • How did the dinosaurs go extinct?
  • How are microbes able to live inside rocks hundreds of feet below the seafloor?
  • Why are bits of land plants found in deep sea cores far from shore?

All three games are available in one 8GB file that can be downloaded in both PC and Mac versions. To download the game for your home or classroom computer, click here to open the JOIDES Resolution Google Drive folder that contains the game and trailer files.


1. Download the file to your computer. This can take up to 3 hours.

    • It is expected that your security program will let you know the publisher is unknown to them and that the file is too big to scan. If it does not allow a download, you can visit your computer manufacturer’s support site and enter the error message as it appears on your screen to get troubleshooting instructions. For example

2. Unzip the file. This can take up to 10 minutes.

    • MAC: Right click the file and choose Open with > Archive Utility. More?
    • PC: Right click the file and choose Extract All. This will create a new folder in your downloads.

3. Open the folder. This can take up to 4 minutes.

    • MAC: Double click the “MacNoEditor.” folder to open it. Next, double click the application file to play the game.
    • PC: Double click the “WindowsNoEditor” folder to open it. Next, double click the SFtC.exe file to play the game.

To exit the games when there is no main menu button in the upper left corner, type an upper case Q. (Sometimes Esc works too.)

To learn more about the science behind the games, visit the Drill Down Deeper into Stories from the Cores page.