Stories from the Cores contains three entertaining and educational video games in which players analyze evidence from under the ocean floor to unlock dramatic stories.

“It’s like a fun game and you can learn from it.”   Age 12

Mysteries of the Core   Why are bits of land plants found in cores drilled from under the sea floor far from shore?

“This would be cool for a science teacher to use as an assignment and test the kids after.” Age 16

“I liked the interactivity, there were thought-provoking questions, which I liked. The multiple choices made me think, but the answer was not too impossible to find.”  Age14

Die-no-saur   What happened on Earth when dinosaurs, plankton and lots of other life went extinct?

“Ocean drilling means…getting samples from the ground to play back history to find out what happened.”  Age 14

Deep Dark Life   How are microbes able to live inside rocks hundreds of feet below the sea floor?

“I never thought of microbes at the bottom of the sea. I thought it was a dark place with nothing going on.”  Age 40s

“It’s a colorful, interesting story, connected to what science is finding out.”  Age 40s


Check out the video games trailer below


PC and Mac versions can be downloaded here from STEAM

To learn more about the science behind the games, visit the Drill Down Deeper into Stories from the Cores page.

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