Classroom Activities

As students engage in the activities in this section, they will learn the process of science through real ocean drilling experiences. The list below contains links, suggested age levels, and short descriptions. For more detail, click the title of each activity.

Grades K-5

Science Picture Explorations

  • Young students observe photographs and do simple introductory activities related to oceanography and ocean science.

Grades K-8

JOIDES Resolution STEM Careers

  • These JOIDES Resolution playing cards depict images from the ship, and can be used in a variety of different ways. There are four groups of cards: People, Places, Drilling, and Recreation, and each group has eight pairs of images. In addition, there is one card without a match.

Grades K-12

Introduction to the JR Powerpoint

  • This interactive PowerPoint provides an introduction to Scientific Ocean Drilling and the JOIDES Resolution.

Grades 5-8

Video Guide JR Time Machine

  • Students use this activity to supplement the JR Time Machine video to learn how the JOIDES Resolution is used to investigate Earth’s history.

Grades 5-12

JOIDES Resolution Website Exploration

  • Students explore the adventures of current scientific ocean drilling research taking place onboard the JOIDES Resolution (JR) using the variety of resources available on the ship’s website.

Magnets at the Core

  • Students use core models made from swim noodles with embedded magnets and compasses to measure and record magnetic orientation. These model cores simulate the magnetic fields recorded in real deep-sea sediment cores obtained.

Tales of the Resolution Reading

  • Students use questions to guide their reading of the Tales of the Resolution episodes focused on careers, technology, and science process exploration. Activities are designed to support Common Core State Standards for English & Literacy in Science.

The “Hole” Story about Ocean Cores

  • This activity will introduce students to core description and curation techniques that was used by scientists and technicians during Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 309.

Grades 9-12, Undergraduate

How do scientists conduct research on ancient environments?

  • Students look at a powerpoint presentation and discuss the process of science involved in using ocean drilling to understand ancient environments

Why Drill There?

  • Students imagine they are a scientist writing a proposal to use the JOIDES Resolution. This activity guides students through the drill site selection process.


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