In Search of Earth's Secrets
Drill Down Deeper
The JOIDES Resolution is sailing around the world to search for Earth’s secrets. Click on these links to find out how it drills in the ocean and what amazing things it is discovering.
Drilling the Deep
Find out how a ship at sea sends a drill down through thousands of feet of water to reach the seafloor.
What is a Core?
Learn more about the cores the JOIDES Resolution drills from the seafloor.
Geology Under the Sea
Explore mountains, trenches, volcanoes, and other aspects of the incredible geology of the seafloor.
Quakes and Waves
Check out the many secrets scientists have uncovered about the deep sea causes of earthquakes and tsunamis.
Deep Sea Fossils
Learn more about the tiny ocean fossils that reveal the secrets of Earth’s past.
Dinosaur asteroid Impact
Dino Doomsday
How did the dinosaurs go extinct? The answer is in the seafloor.
Deep Dark Life
Learn about the amazing life forms we are discovering that live deep in the rocks of the seafloor.
Stories from the Cores
Find out some of the most amazing discoveries scientists have made by drilling into the seafloor.
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