The School of Rock (SOR) Expedition for Earth and Ocean Science Educators is the adventure of a lifetime for educators interested in experiencing scientific ocean drilling research with the experts! During this multi-day workshop onboard the JOIDES Resolution or in the IODP Gulf Coast Core Repository, educators from across the country and the world work with real core material and lab technology to learn how the science reveals clues about Earth’s history.



The 2016 School of Rock: Exploring Ocean Cores and Climate Connections:
From Antarctica Across the Southern Ocean professional development program for formal and informal science educators will be held May 29 – June 6, 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa on board the JOIDES Resolution. 

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Our 2014 School of Rock

Dive Deep School of Rock 2014 for teachers impelmenting NGSS – August 10-16, 2014 at University of Delaware, Lewes.

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School of Rock Expeditions goals!

The School of Rock Preliminary Report: learn about the impact that the School of Rock has on participants

Read the Scientific Report produced by the 2012 participants who detail what they did and what they learned.

From Science to the Classroom: a video produced by 2010 Rocker Patrice Ceisel that shows School of Rock participants in action

Watch a School of Rock teacher bring her experience back to the classroom.

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Explore our previous SOR Adventures

School of Rock 2014: Understanding Earth Through Ocean Cores  

              June 8 – 14; Indiana University of PA

2013 SCIMPI School of Rock: Investigating Earth’s history and the deep biosphere

                 May 20 – 30; Aboard the JOIDES Resolution

2013 School of Rock: Exploring Ocean Cores and the Geology of the Pacific Northwest

               April 1 – 9; Aboard the JOIDES Resolution

2012 School of Rock: Ship to Shore Science

               May 23- June 2; Aboard the JOIDES Resolution

2012 Introduction to Curriculum on Climate History for Minority Serving Institution Faculty

               June 4 – June 7; Gulf Coast Repository at Texas A&M

 2010 School of Rock

               September 9 – 19; Aboard the JOIDES Resolution

2009 School of Rock

               June 23 – July 5; Aboard the JOIDES Resolution

2008 School of Rock

               July 6-14; Gulf Coast Repository at Texas A&M

2007 School of Rock

               July 23-28; Gulf Coast Repository at Texas A&M

2005 School of Rock

               October 31 – November 11; Aboard the JOIDES Resolution

“You did such a great job with the schedule for School of Rock. The flexibility we had was great, too. The whole experience was so positive and an incredible opportunity. I’m already planning to collaborate with our 4th grade teachers for their unit on plate tectonics and fossils.” ~Eileen Poling, West Virginia – Science teacher to Gifted students, grades K-6 – School of Rock 2007

    “This week was great! Thanks for everything you did this week to make me a better teacher. I feel that I learned a lot. What a great group! What a great experience!” ~Tina King, Tennessee – Fifth grade science teacher – School of Rock 2007