Preparing for Departure

(Written by Communications Officer Sarah Treadwell)

With a record of 1267 meters drilled under our belts, expedition 399 is beginning to make the preparations to wrap up this historic expedition.

A saying goes that the only certain thing in life is uncertainty and we were not immune to this anecdote. With time spent much longer at hole 1609C than expected and a repository stuffed with far more core than anticipated, it is safe to say that expedition 399 was a success.

Presently, we are finishing up flushing 1609C and preparing to head back to port. Reports are starting to be written, and the general week 6 fatigue has rippled through many of the crew, now with us currently in week 7.

Photo credit: Dr. Lesley Anderson

There are many of us who plan on exploring the islands of the Azores upon return and it’s obvious that this, along with the reunification with our loved ones back home, is keeping spirits going.

There is also of course a little bit in the back of my mind, the reminder of trying to continue to savor this unquestionably once in a lifetime opportunity. In that respect I am sure there are many others who, while excited at the prospect of returning home, have a small piece of them that are also sad we are drawing to a close.

Another saying goes that change is inevitable, and true to that will our time also here be. I for one will miss the wide open ocean views, and the simplicity in the microcosm of ship life. But to know I got to play a small part in a piece of something that is much grander than myself gives me an enormous sense of pride, one which I am excited to share back with my home community.

Photo Credit: Dr. Mark Reagan
Lesley Anderson
Lesley is a science planner with the US Antarctic Program. Her background as a classroom science teacher has taken her around the world as a science communicator. She is excited to be onboard the JOIDES Resolution as an Onboard Outreach Officer for Expedition 399.
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