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The World Cup is truly global.

One of the biggest sporting events on Earth is happening right now, the World Cup. And even though I’m from the United States, where soccer…uh…I mean football, isn’t necessarily the most popular sport, the World Cup could quite possibly be my favorite event, sporting or otherwise. Despite my insistent protests to FIFA to push the World Cup back until after the expedition, they selfishly decidedly to go ahead with the June/July schedule as planned. Luckily for myself, as well as numerous other dislocated international scientists, our satellite connection is just enough to receive broadcasts of each and every game live. This morning was the most important game so far (in my eyes at least), a chance for the Americans to exact revenge on a Ghanaian team who ousted the red, white, and blue the past two World Cups. The game certainly did not disappoint, and the USA came out with a harrowing 2-1 victory. Not even intermittent outages in the satellite connection could stifle my excitement, and I found myself racing throughout the ship in, showing off my regrettably obnoxious converted Real Madrid Gareth Bale jersey I bought in Yokohama. Next up, Portugal, and then, Germany, of which there are scientists from both countries aboard.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat.



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