Actvity Summary: Students will be able to use their prior knowledge, classroom resources, and the visual identification key and record sheets used by scientists aboard the JOIDES Resolution to identify and describe distinguishable characteristics in one or more core sections.

  • Standard A: Unifying concepts and processes in science
  • Standard C: Physical science
  • Standard E: Earth and space science
  • Standard F: Science and technology

  • Patterns
  • Scale, proportion, quantity
  • Energy and matter
  • Structure and function

  • Asking questions and defining problems
  • Planning and carrying out investigations
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Engaging in argument from evidence
  • Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

  • ESS1. C The history of the planet Earth
  • ESS2.A Earth materials and systems
  • ESS2.C The roles of water in Earth’s surface processes
  • ESS2. E Biogeology
  • PS1.A Structure of matter
  • PS1.B Chemical reactions

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