Alajuela: the City of Mangoes…and Volcanoes

Before arriving at the ship, I had a little bit of time to explore Costa Rica. Here are a few scenes from my explorations in in the city of mangoes and volcanoes.

At the Doka Coffee Plantation:









The difference between Peaberry…and the other kind

The Poor Man’s Umbrella

Poas Volcano

Most of the time it’s cloudy, so this is what people see…

Cloud coverage…volcano disappeared

Walk to the Lagoon

Made it


La Paz Waterfall Gardens

OK. Time to get off dude.

This one’s for Ivy

Ate lunch with this lady and her friend.

Her: Where are you from?

Me: Ohio

Her: Ah yes, the Black Keys

Me: Ha, that’s awesome. Yes, the Black Keys

To the Waterfalls

Awesome way to end the day.

The National Theater in Downtown San Jose

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