Art on the JR

The things we do to entertain ourselves, and give our minds a break from the seriousness of work.

I’ve have had the pleasure to assist, participate, and perhaps even facilitate a few activities while on board. Experiences I am very grateful to have had because they inspired unique conversation. I love the way art can bring a sense of community, even between people who don’t speak the same language.

I’ve learned that Norwegians have a strong pride in their knitted sweater patterns, and the crystal patterns in the thin sections have a lot in common with the Arabic geometric pattern designs. And especially through these projects, I have learned a little bit about each of these people.

This is Bill, the photographer. He’s making a boat back home that he plans to use to sail around the Caribbean. So while on the JR, he’s making a small scale model. I helped him make the sails. We made patterns out of paper, and then cut up an old bed sheet the stewards let us have. Unfortunately, there is no sewing machine on board, so I hemmed the edges using a hot-glue gun.


This is from Christmas. Naomi had a part in the Christmas performances, and she wanted a special costumes. So, we made one. It’s a free fall funnel, that she wore on her head.


This is Katin and Romain. Today is one of the last days to make a shrinky cup, so we procrastinators hurried up and made some.

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