Awesome Experience

Gotta love a scientific drilling ship. What better place in the world is there to learn about something new first hand, ask questions and find and create awesome things to take home?

Okay, so maybe there's another place like that for you, but this has been a most awsome experience for me so far. I'm working on developing and refining my outreach skills, working with published scientists, and experienced engineers, and networking all while learning something new each day.  Aaannnddd who has ever had a boss that didn't fired them fast for not being able to get up, but gave them a chance instead? Come on — that's pretty cool. (Although I am and will be actively working on getting up ON TIME from now on!)

A few days ago I went on a ship tour guided by Steve Midgley. When we got the the part of the tour where we were shown the Core Tech shop, I decided that had to be one of the coolest places on the ship — especially because while listening to Steve talk about the different drill bits and their functions, I was given an old worn out bit to take home.  After I got over some serious excitement,  I realized that if I could get more things like other drill bits, different wires and scrap metals, that I would have the absolute best things to take back to school with me in September.

Sometimes it's difficult to explain exactly what I'm doing out here, what this program is about, and what the purpose of these expeditions are, but with props specifically procured to interest my peers and professors, it should be a lot easier. Not only will I have a great experience to share when I get home, but I'll have physical objects to share with others as well.  I mean who doesn't like a visual aid and having really cool shiny metal objects ever failed to gain attention?

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