Can’t Believe I’m Here!

My first view of the JR from the coast along Juan de Fuca on Sunday–I could just see the top of the derrick peeking above the coastal bluffs.

Just look at where I’m standing now!  The tours of the ship have been amazing; who knew we would get a chance to be this close to the action.

My teacher heart wept tears of joy as I listend to Dave describe the process of rigorously testing the PHYSICAL PROPERTIES of the core.  My students have been investigating physical properties this year so it will be great to share the practical applications of all we’ve learned in class.

I love how all of the engineers on board (from a variety of backgrounds) are constantly having to re-engineer current processes and equipment and come up with brand new processes or pieces of equipment to work on perfecting current systems or developing new.  The JR is truly STEM on steroids!

Can’t wait to see what the second half brings! – Beth C.


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