Clay Furman

In my time off, I enjoy SCUBA diving, flying airplanes, and playing with gadgets of all kinds from computers to whatever the latest button-laden gizmo might be.

I love how many scientists drop what they're doing and rush to the side of the vessel with cameras in hand when someone makes an announcement that some particular creature has been spotted such as a seal, whale, or shark.  It's nice that people take such an interest in what's going on outside the ship rather than just being buried in their work.


Logging Engineer
U.S. Air Force Academy, Missouri University of Science & Technology
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering
My first leg was Expedition 320: PEAT 1.
I was a computer technician in high school, at university and in the Air Force. I worked for a few years as a student aeronautical engineer. Since then I have worked for Schlumberger Oilfield Service as a Wireline Engineer. I’ve been doing that for the past eight years, working in various places throughout the world.
As a Schlumberger Wireline Logging Engineer I collect downhole data (density, porosity, resistivity, sonic, etc.) much as we do in the oilfield, but with scientific purposes in mind rather than oil and gas exploration. Along with the LDEO logging scientists, I help to collect and process the downhole log data.

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