Randy W. Gjesvold

Marine Electronics Technician
Lower Columbia College, George Washington University, and U.S. Naval Submarine School
I have worked for the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) aboard the JOIDES Resolution as a Marine Electronics Technician and Instrumentation Specialist since 1998. I am responsible for maintaining all of the laboratories and auxiliary equipment. This includes the downhole tools, multi sensor tracking systems, chemical lab equipment, EPC Printers, weather satellite system, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) monitoring systems, seismic equipment including towed Streamers, Fathometers and Air Guns. I also maintain the Digital Sound Velocimeter, Canon copiers, Stereo's, TV'S and VCR's.
I assisted the Carnegie Institute personnel in assembling the deep sea connectors for a prototype seismic monitoring system recently placed in 5500 meters of water near Japan. I used to work aboard several different types of Navy ships for Northrop Grumman installing various network upgrades to the fleet. Due to my two month in two month out schedule for ODP I sometimes pick up various part time commercial and military jobs.

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  1. I think you have the coolest job ever. I don’t know how I stumbled across this page but I did and your ship blew me away. I am an electronics technician and I work out in the oil patch in Canada. Do you have any pointers on how I might go about getting a job like yours? My e-mail address is j.d.madeleine@gmail.com.
    Hope to here from you,

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