Jerry Bode

Fresno State University, Fresno, California
BA in Chemistry, Graduate studies in Geology
I have worked with IODP since October of 1984. I started as the superintendent of the West Coast Repository. I worked for 22 years, retired, and Expedition 320 marked my return to IODP. I’ve been on a total of 22 expeditions wearing many hats, from chemist to lab officer and now finally curator.
Right after college I worked for two summers at an elevation of 11,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with Bausch and Lomb. We mined optical calcite, a mineral which is used to in the polarization of light. Later I worked in aerospace on the lunar program, doing quality control of their fuel. When I started with the Deep Sea Drilling Project I was the senior technician, in charge of hiring and scheduling sea going staff.
In my free time I love to hike in the high Sierras or the desert. I enjoy photography both on and off the ship. I also like to garden, travel and enjoy bird watching. I have my own woodworking shop where I create many things. My latest work is making mantle clocks.

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