Curiosity and Collaboration

We are getting closer to the end of the expedition. The scientists are preparing and presenting their post expedition research proposals and sampling party requests. This is a time of both curiosity and collaboration.

At this time the scientists must evaluate the core that we have been able to bring on deck and review their original research objectives and adapt them to what is practical. How much of a particular sample do they need? Do they have the proper tools in their lab to do the analysis or does someone else’s lab have the better machine? Do they have the funding back home to do these analyses? The cores are a limited and precious resource and Expedition 368 and 367 will work together to best utilize the samples and dig deeper into what stories they can tell about the South China Sea. At this time they must state what they want to analyze, identify who they are working with and develop their why for requesting samples. This takes flexibility, and a persistent, even stubborn curiosity.

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