Departing on IODP Expedition 327!

Today we departed (finally!) for the start of IODP Expedition 327. The first version of the (preliminary) proposal leading to this project began was submitted in March 1998.

IODP Expedition in 2004 was the first part of the drilling portion of this project (also includes work with surface ships, Alvin, remotely operated vehicles, numerical modeling), and it took us six years to get back out and finish what we started.

So, we have a long history on this expedition.

Today I worked mainly on building a tracer injection system that we will use later this expedition to introduce an inert gas tracer into the flow of water that we pump into a hole in the ocean crust. The photo with the entry shows me and Jim Cowen holding up two "loops" of tubing that will be used for tracer injection. I also talked to Bubba, one of two "core techs" on this expedition, an expert in all things drilling, rig operations, and general mechanical systems. Plus he is a really great guy. Bubba helped to prepare a system that we will use to sample the tracers after they are pumped up to the rig floor.


Tomorrow I hope to make progress with the Darcy Lab exercise that we will use for the education, outreach, and communication program, and will also work with the CORK engineers on preparing those systems for deployment. 

The port call went quickly, and Victoria was lovely. We have been at sea for about nine hours now, conditions are picking up a bit, but it remains calm and there is a beautiful view from the window in the science office.




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