Dial M…for MICROBE!

Jordon’s log. May 19th, 2013. We’re smack dab in the middle of day two. Tensions are high…cookie break was almost forgotten. Yes, having a cookie break everyday at 9 and 3 isn’t the only thing scheduled on our mission on the JOIDES Resolution. From 7:30 AM on it’s a non-stop borage of learning. So fast and furious that Vin Diesel himself would wet his pantaloons. Today began with Pictionary, which I would normally dominate with my supreme white-board and marker skills…but these were science terms! I was at a distinct disadvantage! But never fear my friends, never fear OR doubt the Jordon T. No sir. I received my word: subfloor…and I drew that sucker so fast and hard my team barely had time to mutter the syllables before I was done! I swear!… Nonetheless, the game ended in a tie and we were all big winners. When the dust settled the team and I all headed to the microbiology lab, where we used fancy schmancy pipettes and made water dilutions using sediment that resembled…mud. Let’s just leave it at that. The dilutions were then spread on petri dishes and left to hopefully “grow” overnight… (tbc) We then went back to our “classroom” to discuss Science standards and our interpretations of some proposed ideas. A lunch break was then taken when everyone realized we had been partying SOOOO hard with standards that we were almost on the verge of starvation! After that much needed refueling, it was back to the roundtable for more discussion. Once we had solved those curriculum problems and world hunger, we got back to the lab to make microbial microscope slides from the diluted water we had made earlier. After dying the sample, it was off to the microscopes to analyze! And wouldn’t you know, there was life! It was ALIVE! ALIVE!!! Well that was it. My poor heart could take no more excitement, and I had to sit down and process all I had seen…so here I am! Writing you to share in my adventure and deep ponderous thoughts. With that said, grab your floaties, grab your microscopes, and hold on to your Microbes, we sail in 2 hours mateys!

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