Dinoflagellate Zine and Classroom Activity

Here’s another two of resources you might like:  A zine (ie comic) about dinoflagellates, with an accompanying classroom activity.

Dinoflagellates are tiny creatures which live in the ocean. Scientists on board the ship have been studying the tiny fossils of ancient dinoflagellates to understand more about the history of Antarctica.

Dinoflagellate zine

The zine should be printed with 2-4 pages per sheet, then cut up and stapled together into a small booklet.

Dinoflagellates classroom activity

This is a classroom activity which would suit 12-year-old students or so — depends on your students!

Dinoflagellates classroom activity solutions

If you’d like to know more about the micropaleontology group on the expedition, have a look at The Time Lords of EXP374.


Rosa Hughes-Currie
Rosa is a science teacher from Auckland, New Zealand sailing aboard the JOIDES Resolution expedition 374 to the Ross Sea.
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