Drill strings

 It is not too hectic just now. There was some nice core to log. I took an awesome photo of some cross cutting veins, one of which has impeded a reaction front. It is a fabulous bit of chemistry frozen in time and space. But I’m not showing it to you guys, you can look it up in the report in 12 months time.

I put a photo up of some hard science involving a Styrofoam cup and a camera going to the bottom of the Skatsky Rise. Very important stuff. I did spend 2 hours watching a tv screen showing a fuzzy image of the ocean floor 3,400m beneath us. They changed the bit on the drill string. That meant taking all 3,600m of drilling pipe back up, putting on the new drill bit and then they threaded the drill bit back into the same hole. It was an awesome thing to watch, even if it was so so so slow. Crazily we saw loads of little fish. It must have been the experience of a life time for them to see such a bright light in their dark home.

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