Drilling into the unknown (sand)

We are drilling, we are drilling…

Unfortunately we are not currently getting very good recovery, probably because of some loose sand layers.

Things are being tried, and we will see.

However, in the meantime, we are behind in the describing, and quite thankful for poor recovery since it allows us to catch up a little. I have been making smear slides (a little bitty bit of sediment spread out thinly to look at under the transmitting light microscope), describing core, scanning core, sampling core, measuring core etc etc etc. A varied but intense 12 hours.

I had a short time yesterday after my shift up on deck – nice clear day, moderate NW winds, and finding that the boat has developed it’s own ecological community since arriving on-site. There are fish shoals around us, and bird flocks feeding off these shoals, and sea lions feeding off the larger fish and apparently squid that are also around the boat. An interesting community to observe…

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